Daric Group is a private leading investment holding company with over 20 years of high-level investment success in Iran. The Daric Group is successful diversified investment group with manifold business interests in the Aviation, Mining, Manufacture and Operates of Iron & Steel Making Plants, Automotive & Trailers producing, Building, Education and sport industry.

Business Areas


Daric group is a leading mining company that focuses on exploration, extraction, mining and processing the Earth’s mineral resources. Our mining business is one of the pillars of Daric group’s growth strategy. Daric Group's major products are copper, diamonds, gold, titanium dioxide, iron ore, coal, silica and limestone.

From Ore to Steel

As the privet leading steel and mining company, our business operations extend from iron ore mining to providing a full range of steel products and service offerings.


ATA Airlines is a subsidiary of The Daric Group. It operates an extensive international and domestic network with scheduled flights as of March 2009.

Heavy Steel Structures

Over the years, ِDaric Group has played a leadership role in the heavy structural steel construction sector in Iran. With the manufacturing bases of 40,000 square meters and a range of specialized products, Daric Group is a supplier of choice when it comes to Large-scale construction projects.

Daric Brand

Daric is the name given to the gold coin in the age of that was of a very high carat and value. This type of coin would be created only under the authority of kings.