(Private joint stock))

Yagout San’at Tabriz started its activity on a plot of land with area of 10 ha in 2005 in the field of design, manufacturing, erection & installation of heavy steel structures and traveling overhead cranes.
Utilization of “Modern equipment and machineries” ,”The experts manpower” , “Significant endeavors of managers“ and Observing “the international updated standards” are the factors help to this company to prove its authority in operating the major industrial and construction projects as short a time period as possible with a desirable quality.
The group after years of professional experience in the major of industrial and construction projects reachs its nominal capacity to 35,000 tons per annum.
It is worth mentioning that from the starting the operating up to now, Yaghut san’at designs, and fabricate more than 200 thousand tons light & heavy steel structures and manufactures hundreds overhead traveling cranes in various capacities.

Products and Services
  • Design, manufacturing, erection & installation of steel structures (such as melt shop, casting, rolling mills and scrap yard saloon, industrial stairs, walkways, ladders and platforms, steel chimney, stack and towers).
  • Design, manufacturing, erection & installation of traveling overhead cranes in various capacities.
  • Design and manufacturing various kinds of steel storage tanks.
  • H-Beam assembling, welding and straightening up to 800mm-wide flange sizes and 1800mm-wide web sizes by full automatic machines.
  • Fully automatic shot blasting and manual painting of steel structures.