This University, relying on the permission of “University of Applied Science and Technology” & “Ministry of Industries and Mines (Iran)”, aims to“ improve employed personnel’s skills in various sectors of industrial field” , “educating expert staff” and “developing professional skills of theoretical courses of graduates ” has started its activity with scientific practical courses in associate’s degree & bachelor’s degree.
Currently in this University, student registration system is directly related to “Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (Iran)” and the studies majors are included of: “programming & production control & automotive logistics “, “Mechanical maintenance” , “Industrial accounting”, “Automotive assembly“ , “Marketing” , “Manufacturing-machine tools” and “Auto mechanic” in Associate & Bachelor degrees.

  • Mehregan Alley, Vicinity of Jihad Building, Tavanir St., Valiasr ,Tabriz , IRAN.
  • Tel: 98 (41) 33296180-83
  • FAx: 98 (41) 33296184