(Public joint stock company)

Bonyan Diesel was established in 1969 under the license of DORMAN company(England) with the aim of assembly of diesel engines and then in 1976 Volvo diesel engine assembly were added to its product.
In the years 1996-1999 The Transferring of DORMAN DISEL company , the production stop and the country market conditions were the main reasons to be stopped all the production lines of this company and in the other hand caused that DORMAN DIESEL got out of the production cycle. Then Bonyan Diesel has keeped on producing diesel engines in limited form and changes its main approach to producing Diesel Gensets & required parts in automotive industries such as cylinder blocks ,axles , …
In 2007, the company’s shares through the stock exchange has transferred and FOULAD GOSTAR KOSAR investment company has bought the major part of its shares. A careful planning based on environmental conditions of the country and similar international models has done for the renovation and development of the company’s structure in different aspects since that year.
During the same years the legal limitations resulting from the factory location in the urban tissue such as bio-environment limitations and the civil rules and urban factors is one of the factors in limiting for continuing activities and the development in Bonyan Diesel Company.
Finally, the shareholders in the company has decided to move the production part to the new place in one of the industrial zones of Tabriz with a different approach and based on new technology of the world for the aim of achievement in agents of economic and industry by considering on the effective factors in the developing countries.

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