ATA Center will be constructed on plot of land with an area of 19 HA and building area with more than 560 thousand square meters as the largest residential, recreational, sport, cultural , commercial, service and administrative center in the North West of the country with the aim of providing services and employment opportunities by Bonyan Diesel Company.
ATA Center will be designed and built with the purpose of creating the perfect environment for business, comfortable atmosphere for official part, charming, beautiful & modern place to order and spend free time with utilization of the new technology and based on local knowledge.
All the building rules & standards has been observed in the design & construction of this complex and all equipment & raw materials are intended according to the latest technology of the world that causes ATA Center will be more special compared with other existing centers.

ATA Center as the largest residential, sport, cultural, service, recreational, commercial, and administrative center is being constructed at the West part of the Tabriz Megalopolis (Northwest of the country).
Easy access to the western & southern highway and the short distance of the project with Shahid Madani International Airport , Railway Station and Qaramalek Metro station all cause that this modern complex would be in a special and developing situation.


Commercial and administrative facilities
  • Numerous commercial units with various sizes
  • Independent administrative building with more than 120 unit
  • The largest Hypermarket in North West of the country with more than 17 thousand square meters building area.
  • Four specific marketplaces (clothing, appliance warehouse, traditional market and automotive for the first time in the country) and 3 special commercial & shopping center for branded goods.
Service facilities
  • Specific helicopter pad
  • Roofed parking place with the capacity of more than 7000 car in 3 floors and numerous entrance.
  • Outdoor parking place with the capacity of more than 3000 car
  • The specific public transportation station near by metro stations.
  • The car service complex (gasoline and gas pumps, Carwash, Car technical examination center, etc.)
  • Specific exit ways of Tabriz west highway road and Western industrial road
Recreational & cultural facilities
  • Ten HA Specific green space with the recreational and entertainment facilities
  • Movie complex with 4 separate salons
  • Specific Amphitheater with the capacity of more than 1,000 people
  • First and highest car racing resort
  • Roofed specific amusement parks with utilization of advanced technologies in world.
  • Various entertainment salons.
  • Numerous halls
  • Special and unique roof garden
Sports & Health
  • Soccer-specific stadium with the capacity of 10000 people
  • bowling and snooker salons.
Welfare facilities
  • Different and various restaurants
  • Specific food court
Residential facilities
  • Five-star hotel with 260 rooms, luxury suites & exclusive design along with the high-tech facilities & the view of soccer-specific stadium.


  • Reduce interurban trips
  • Parking place with the largest capacity in the Northwest of the country
  • Decorating according to various spaces.
  • A suitable place for holding conferences and national & international seminars
  • Easy access to the downtown and neighbor provinces
  • Protection and security systems and smart CCTV cameras
  • Green space and charming landscaping
  • Recreational, welfare, sport and numerous entertainment facilities.
  • Utilization high quality equipment & materials in accordance with international standards